Beginning Tuesday, October 6, all versions of Internet Explorer (IE)® will no longer be supported by Microsoft® and users will be unable to access F&M Bank's Online and Mobile Banking.  After this date, users must access their online banking accounts using a supported browser (e.g. Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge).

In addition, if you are still using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, we strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10®. Microsoft ended its support of Windows 7 in January 2020; therefore, no technical assistance or software updates are being made and this makes your PC vulnerable to malware, viruses, etc.

Internet Explorer Support

  1. Why can’t I access F&M Bank’s Online and Mobile Banking using IE11 or prior browser versions?
  2. I have a Mac® computer and/or iPhone®, does this impact me?
  3. What browsers are supported?
  4. What happens when I attempt to log in using IE11 or older versions after it is no longer supported?
  5. Where can I download a supported browser?
  6. Who do I contact for questions?
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