1. Why did my Wire Transfer limit for SACs change?
  2. Why is there a need for a Secure Access Code (SAC) for all Wire Transfers?
  3. Do I still have to send an email to follow-up on my Wire Transfers?
  4. Are you still going to call me to verify my outgoing Wire Transfers?
  5. Can I submit International Wire Transfers through Online Banking?
  6. What is the cut off time for submitting Wire Transfers through Online Banking?
  7. What are the fees to submit a Wire Transfer through Online Banking?
  8. Is there a limit to the number of Wire Transfers I can submit through Online Banking?
  9. Do I have to have a SAC to submit Wire Transfers in Online Banking?
  10. What is Dual Authorization?
  11. Do you offer Dual Authorization for Wire Transfers?
  12. What is a SAC?
  13. How will my SAC be sent to me?
  14. How does a SAC work?
  15. How long does it take to receive a SAC?
  16. What if I don't receive my SAC?
  17. What happens if I enter the SAC incorrectly?
  18. Who do I call if I have questions about submitting my Wire Transfers with SACs?