Positive Pay

  1. What is the Positive Pay service?
    Positive Pay is a fraud detection service that compares a check presented for payment against the check issued data provided to F&M Bank in advance.
  2. What is an exception?
    An exception is a check item that does not match the check issued data and requires a pay or return decision.
  3. What is the cut-off time requirement?
    2:00PM PT is the cut-off time to make a decision on the exception item(s).
  4. What reports are available?
    The Transaction Reports tool offers several report types to choose from such as All Checks, Paid Checks, ACH Transactions and Check, Deposit and Account Reconciliation Summaries.
  5. How do I access the Positive Pay service?
    The Positive Pay service can be accessed through the "Integrated Menu" menu within Online Banking for business accounts under "Services."
  6. How do the transactions reflect on my account?
    The transactions will post to the account and returned decision items will reflect a return.
  7. What is the main difference between the former and new Positive Pay service?
    The new Positive Pay service is an enhanced, self-service, online system that allows users the ability to run their own reports, manage their own exceptions, submit transactions individually or as a file and export data. Positive Pay is a next day system. Exception items will be posted to the clients' accounts as paid and resolved (pay or return) the following business day.
  8. How much will the Positive Pay service cost my business?

    Please refer to the current Services and Fees schedule for the current fees. Clients using the Positive Pay service must be enrolled in F&M’s Online Cash Manager.

  9. May I include payee information with my Positive Pay files?
    Although the primary identifiers used for validation are amount and check number, Positive Pay users may provide payee information for additional reference.
  10. When and how will I be notified if there are exceptions to review?
    An email notification will be sent 90 minutes before the cut-off time of 2:00PM PT.
  11. What will happen if I do not review the exception items?
    The exception items will resolve under the default decision, as per your agreement. Please refer to the current Services and Fees schedule for the related fee.
  12. How do I inform F&M Bank of issued check item(s)?
    Check issued items can be input manually or a file can also be uploaded of any checks issued.
  13. What methods are available to submit the Positive Pay file to the Bank?
    Files can be submitted through manual input, file upload and a SFTP (secure file transfer protocol).
  14. What formats are compatible with the Positive Pay file upload?
    Excel®, text, CSV and fixed length are all compatible formats.
  15. Who do I contact for questions?
    Please contact Cash Management at (844) 782-7311, Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 6:00PM, and Saturday from 9:00AM to 12:00PM, PT for any questions.
  16. Can I void a check through F&M Positive Pay instead of placing a stop payment?
    Voiding a check through Positive Pay does not guarantee the check will not be negotiated. A stop payment must be placed through F&M Online Banking, by calling the Client Care Center or at a local Branch Office.
  17. Why am I receiving exception items with an incorrect check number?
    This is an encoding error and can occur for any of the following reasons:
    • Obstructions of the check number within the MICR line (the name for the routing number, account number and check number) at the bottom of your check. Examples of this are writing, folds and smeared ink in the MICR line area.
    • Incorrect MICR ink or paper stock used when printing the checks.
    • Incorrect entry of the check number by the bank that processed the initial deposit.
    Please contact Cash Management Support at (844)782-7311 for assistance with encoding errors.
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Bill Pay FAQs

  1. What is changing with my online Bill Pay?
    In addition to minor changes to the layout of the Bill Pay screen, we are adding new, rush payment delivery options for your convenience.
  2. Will I need to do anything after the upgrade?
    No action is required. All previously entered Bill Pay information (i.e. payees, scheduled payments, recurring payments, etc.) will remain in your online Bill Pay profile.
  3. What is the impact of this upgrade?
    Starting on Wednesday, February 21 from 1:30pm to Thursday, February 22 at 12:00 pm PT, Bill Pay will not be accessible through Online Banking. There will be no interruptions to any already scheduled payments during this time of unavailability.
  4. What are the new, rush delivery options for Bill Pay?
    The new, rush payment delivery options are “Same Day Delivery” and “Overnight Delivery.”
  5. What is Same Day Delivery?
    Same Day Delivery payments allow electronic payments to be received by the payee on the same day the payment is created. This option must be selected prior to submitting the payment for processing and has a fee of $12.95.
  6. What is Overnight Delivery?
    Overnight Delivery payments allow check payments to be received the following business day. This option must be selected prior to submitting the payment for processing and has a fee of $17.50. Since these payments are sent via UPS overnight mail, the payee address must be a physical address. Overnight deliveries cannot be made to a P.O. Box.
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Box com FAQs

  1. What do I do when I receive the “Please upload the files to my fmb.box.com account” from my F&M Bank Loan Officer?
    Please click on the link and you will see an upload file symbol (“upload widget”) so you can submit files safely and securely to your F&M Loan Officer
  2. What is the upload widget?
    The widget gives loan clients the ability to upload and send large files to a loan officer, without having to use email. This addresses a common client request for an easy and secure way to provide information (tax returns, financial statements, etc.) that is often required as part of the loan application or loan maintenance process.
  3. Can I upload multiple files?
    Only one file at a time can be uploaded by using the widget. After uploading a file, you will be given the opportunity to click ' Upload another File' to upload as many files as you need .
  4. What is the maximum size limit of each file?
    Individual file size limit is 5GB; however, some older versions of browsers like Internet Explorer 8 (and earlier) and Firefox do not allow for uploads greater than 2GB. Older browsers have a technical design limit that does not allow for larger files to be uploaded. Using the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or your browser avoids this issue.
  5. What is the preferred file type for sending documents to F&M?
    Files are preferred to be (300DPI, B&W, TIFF). Some files that include color photos maybe sent as color files. Be aware that some files can be considerably larger if saved in higher resolution or in color formats.
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