Coronavirus Updates

A Message from our CEO

Dear Valued F&M Bank Client,

As you are undoubtedly aware, there is much concern over the coronavirus (COVID-19). Here at F&M Bank, we share that concern, as the safety and security of our clients and employees is and has always been, our top priority for over 113 years.

Therefore, effective immediately, we have enacted multiple precautions to protect our employees, our facilities, and those of our clients who remain confident to visit any of our banking facilities during this period. For the protection of our employees and customers, we have educated and will continue to educate our staff about the coronavirus and our expectations for their individual healthcare. Be assured, if we have any employee(s) who exhibit any indication of illness, they are instructed to stay at home. As of the writing of this letter, we are pleased to report that we currently have ZERO incidents or concerns with any employee being exposed to the coronavirus, but in the next few weeks we may have some employees working remotely, and we have taken specific measures to make all work environments as safe as they can be.

Your money is still safe and secure, just as we have done for clients for the last 113 years. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that there are many other choices for you to access your accounts, in case you do not wish to come into a branch:

  • We strongly encourage you to use F&M’s digital tools and other resources for self-service banking and 24/7 account access to your accounts through F&M Bank’s Online Banking. If you haven’t enrolled in online access, it only takes a few minutes. Enroll now.

  • You can also access your accounts online or by using the FMB Mobile app, FMB-Mobile 2.0, at your convenience1. From there, you can make payments, view transactions, check balances, find an ATM and more. It’s easier and faster (in most cases) to manage your account digitally, especially given call wait times may be longer than usual during this time.

  • You can use our daily sanitized ATMs available for your deposit and withdrawal transactions at all branches, as well as drive-through windows at some of our branches.

  • You can always call us if you need assistance, at (866) 437-0011, during the hours of Monday-Friday, 7am-9pm, Saturday from 8am-9pm, and Sunday 8am-5pm Pacific Time.

Over the last century, F&M Bank and our clients have been through earthquakes, wars, depressions, recessions, and countless other challenges, and we have overcome and will continue to overcome them as one community, which is just a part of what makes us all California’s Strongest.

We value the faith and loyalty of our F&M family and know that we are stronger together. We will continue to send you communications to keep you updated on what we are doing to respond to this evolving situation.


Daniel K. Walker
Chairman of the Board and CEO

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What we're doing:

  • Enhancing daily cleaning
  • Sanitizing ATMs
  • Educating our employees
  • Having ill employees stay home

What you can do:

  • Practice good hygiene
  • Handle food carefully
  • Take caution with travel
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Stay home if you feel ill
  • Wear a face covering whenever you leave home

Beware of Scams

  • Stimulus Payment Scam: A new emerging scam includes fraudsters trying to get you to pay a fee to access your stimulus payment. They use this opportunity to attempt to convince you to give them your Social Security number, bank account, or government benefits debit card account number. Learn more about stimulus payment scams on the FTC’s website.
  • Phishing Scams: Cybercriminals are engaging in Phishing Scams, online attempts to reel in your personal information, by distributing mass emails posing as legitimate organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and even banks. Remember, F&M will never send you an email requesting confidential personal or banking information. Please contact the F&M Client Care Center at (866) 437-0011 if you receive communications requesting such information that appear to be from F&M Bank.
  • Non-Delivery Scams: These Scams involve criminal actors advertising in-demand medical supplies for sale to be used to prevent/protect against the Coronavirus (e.g. medical masks, gloves, disinfectant, etc.). The criminal enterprise demands upfront payments or initial deposits, takes your funds, and never completes delivery. Be sure to make purchases through reputable
    online retailers only
  • Social Engineering Scam: Another emerging fraud scheme involves using social engineering tactics through legitimate social media websites to seek donations for charitable organizations appearing to support those negatively impacted by the Coronavirus. Increased caution should be exercised when donating to organizations claiming to be tied to Coronavirus relief.

For more up-to-date information regarding Coronavirus scams, please visit the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website.

  • 1F&M Bank does not charge for this service, however, your wireless carrier may charge you fees related to this service.