F&M Security Center

Reporting Suspicious Email or Fraud

  • Are you receiving suspicious information such as e-mails requesting your online banking User ID and password, ATM PIN, or telling you your Debit Card has been deactivated? Have you received any other security notices or information you think may be suspect?
  • Please call F&M's Fraud Support Hotline at (562) 344-2350.

Web Browser Security

Types of Fraud & Protecting Yourself

Identity Theft


F&M Resources

  • FMB-Mobile 2.0: Use F&M's Mobile Banking App to monitor your accounts, review statements, and report suspicious activity promptly.
  • F&M Debit & Credit Card Alerts
  • F&M Secure Email Center - Register for F&M's Secure E-Mail service and rest-assured that your communications and any sensitive information attachments like loan documents, tax returns, and personal identification details are secure when you send them to us.
  • MasterCard® SecureCode™ - Protect your F&M Debit Card when making online transactions.